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Our Sectors of Operation


The manufacturing sector is answerable for the creation of products expected for offices, homes, church, sites etc. use from unrefined substances.

Industrial & Protective Paints

This sector produces pigmented liquids or powders that are used to protect and beautify surfaces & are used at homes, offices, construction sites etc

Paper Converting

This is where we specialize in consolidating raw materials of paper to make new products like paper towels, tissues, and different variations from paper.

Industrial Chemicals

At this sector, we convert raw materials into different types of product producing industries whose generation is based on heavy use of chemicals.

Janitorial Products

Our janitorial products keeps work environments liberated from unattractive dirt and give a clean and microbe free environment.


Our Charity is the realm of social activity undertaken by our foundation which seeks to give back to society to build a better nation for us all.


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We guarantee our customers with the best and stable pricing

Our products are sourced from global leading players in the industry

Assured of excellent customer service satisfaction.

We offer flexible/credit terms of payment with terms and conditions satisfied.


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